Allergic and in the News

Splinters, like the truth, have always risen. All is forgiven.

the artist formerly known as tickingtimeless
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The artist formerly known as tickingtimeless.

"For a long time I wasn't listening to music, to the rock and roll stuff on the radio, because it would cause me to get sweaty--it would bring back memories I didn't want to know about, or I would get that feeling that I'm not alive 'cause I'm not making it. And if it was good, I hated it 'cause I wasn't doing it. And if it was bad, I was furious 'cause I could've done it better..."
--John Lennon

"I still feel like I gotta prove something. There are a lot of people hoping I fail. But I like that. I need to be hated."
-- Howard Stern

"After about three lessons [my] voice teacher said, 'Don't take voice lessons. Do it your way. You're a song stylist. Always do it your way.'"
--Johnny Cash

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